Future Bike Weekend, Interlaken 2009

Some people choose Interlaken as a holiday resort for their selection of noble Hotels (e.g. Hotel Victoria), sportier ones start here their expeditions into the central mountaineering region of Switzerland and famillies simply enjoy the adventures of MysteryPark. The Future Bike Club has written his own history on the airfield of Interlaken: 10 years ago the almost legendary, last HPV WC on Swiss territory took place; Subsequently, the final of the Swiss Future Bike Race Series was organised 7 times here by the Future Bike RaceCom...
As we know legends can't just be reloaded and the RaceCom was dissolved meanwhile. But the participant at that time are still very active, still ride their recumbents passionate, some with kids-trailer, others still very successfull at WC-races. -Enough reasons for Future Bike to invite 'bent-people' and their friends to join us at Interlaken airfield in order to share memories, to celebrate the present and who would mind.. to ride some nifty races.
(ch, 1th of September, 2009)

Program Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009 Program Sunday, Sept. 27., 2009


The event is organized by the Future Bike club on the Interlaken airfield. Basically it is open to everybody interested in recumbents. It is neither a prerequisit to own a recument nor to be a member of the Future Bike club. Who wants to participate in the races, to be at the dinner or to stay overnight on the airfield, needs to register. Before and during the races the instructions of the director of the races need to be strictly followed. When registring the participants oblige to accept the Rennreglements des Vereins Future Bike für die SFBRS 2007 (PDF) to be binding (as far as not overridden by this announcement). The event is finished when the award ceremony for the 4 hour race and the 1 hour race has taken place on Sunday.

  • Every person who wants to take part in a race needs to register. The fee for one or more races is CHF 30.-. Children too need to register. However, they can take part for free.

  • Everybody who wants to be at the dinner needs to register.
  • Everybody who wants to sleep in the shack needs to register.
  • The registration fees need to be paid at the cashier located at the shack.

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Test Rides and Recumbent Trial
There is lots of space to try recumbents without creating a big risk to others. Just ask the owner whether you may have a ride on the HPV of your dreams. A course for recumbent trial riding will be created by Erwin Villiger. This will give an oppurtunity to show your riding abilities on your recumbent and to see how other recumbents can be ridden at low speed. No ranking is foreseen here.
The criterium will be held on a very short course with tight bends and short straits. Basically you may overtake at any time. The one who is being overtaken may stay on the racing line until the overtaking rider is on the same line. The number of eliminating heats and finals will be decided based on the number of participants. Men, women and children (until the age of 16) will be in separate categories. There will be no categories by vehicle type. The award ceremony will take place right after the last final, latest at 18:00.
Dinner and Entertainment
To be able to be at the dinner, every person needs to register. The costs are CHF 10.- per person (beverages included).Please bring your own cutlery and dishes. While having coffee and sweets pictures will be shown and commented. A computer and a beamer are available. If you want to show pictures please bring them on a USB stick. The following presentations are already planned: Slide show CycleVision 2009 in Tilburg (NL). Reports of building recumbents and part.

The shack offers accomodation for a maximum of 60 people. The cost is 5 CHF.- per person. Everyone needs to register for the accomodation. There are mattresses, blankets and pillows available. However, it is recommended to bring a sleeping bag. It is also possible to stay in a car, a camper, or a caravon near the shack. The region of Interlaken also offers a whole wealth of accomodation to be organized by the participants on their own. The nearest place is Bönigen, the most famous place is Interlaken.

The participants need to bring their own food, dishes and cutlery. Hot water for coffee and tee will be available.

4 Hours Race and 1 Hour Race
The 4 hours race will be started first (at 8:00). Three hours later the 1 hour race will be started. The racing track is flat and approximately 2000 meters long. At the end of 4 hours or 1 hour, respectively, a signal will be given to indicate to the participants that there is only one more lap to go. Who makes the largest number of laps wind the race. From two participants with the same number of laps the one wins who crosses the finish line first. Men, women and children (until the age of 16) will be in separate categories. There will be no categories by vehicle type. Faired vehicles are very welcome.