Erste Liegerad Tour de France mit Vida Bike

Andreas Gerber 21. Mai 2014

Info des Veranstalters: Vida Bike organises the first tour of France on recumbent bikes this summer.
Vida Bike has been organizing recumbent cycling tours since 2013 and favours responsible and slow travel. Recumbent bikes were popularized in France in the 1930s and are famous for their exceptional comfort (ergonomic seat, breathing facilitated, limited air resistance, absence of pains in the back, bottom and wrists), panoramic vision (the eyes are not on the front wheel) and ease of use.
In July and August 2014, Vida Bike will offer the opportunity to tour France in 39 different stages. The length of the stages varies from 40 to 60 kilometres (25 to 40 miles). Riders are free to pick up their favourite stages. The schedule is available on Vida Bike's website.
The itinerary follows cycling paths, greenways and veloroutes through the most beautiful regions of France : from charming villages to major towns, from rivers' banks to the heart of wild landscapes, this exceptional ride is more than 2000 kilometres long (1200 miles).
Vida Bike's founder will guide the riders. Our team will transport luggage and book lodgings separately. Groups of 8 people or less are welcome.