Proceedings of the Second European Seminar on Velomobile Design

safety & design

The Second European Seminar on Velomobiles took place August 25, 1994 on Laupen castle, near Bern, Switzerland.

Most papers are in englisch, a few are in german. There are abstracts in the complementary language. The proceedings contain a lot of black and white drawings and photos. Paperback, size A4, 200 pages.

ISBN 3-9520694-0-X



Theo Schmidt

What is HPV Safety?

David Gordon Wilson

What safety measures are needed for

Felix Walz

Velounfälle aus der Sicht des
Unfallforschers Bicycle
Accidents as seen by the Safety

Andreas Fuchs

The Velomobile-Safety-Test at the
European HPV Championships 1994 at Laupen, Switzerland

Leonard M. Brunkalla

Safety ... Crashing ... and related

W. Rohmert, S. Gloger, M.

Evaluation of the Handling
Characteristics of a HPV with a mirror-symmetric Front-Wheel

W. Rohmert, S. Gloger, C.

Impact of Suspensions on Recumbent

Theo Schmidt

Subjective Speed as a Major Safety

Daniel B. Iranyi

Bare Necessity - Design for

Jim Kor

Solos Personal Transit - a
transportation system on tracks

M. Gronau & M. Hampe

Projekt MOVEO: ein neuer Entwurf
fuer ein alltagstaugliches, vollverkleidetes

Project MOVEO: a Novel Design of a
Fully-Faired Recumbent Tricycle for Everyday Use

W. Rohmert & S. Gloger

The Future of Velomobiles -
Design-concepts for individual necessities

W. Rohmert & S. Gloger

Typical Design-problems of
Velomobiles - Solutions for the DESIRA-2

C.G. Rasmussen

Characteristics of a Practical
Velomobile Fairing

G. Rinne & P.Wollschläger

MUFA II - Design and Construction of
a High Speed Velomobile

Jürgen Eick

Being mobile without a Car: five
years of everyday live and holidays with the Human Powered

Vytautas Dovydenas

The draft of the Biotransport Law of
the Lithuanian Republic

W. Rohmert & S. Gloger

Examples for the psychology behind
the physics of Velomobiles

Gottfried Graupner

Verschiedene Sichtweisen auf Mensch
und Velomobil Different views on human beings and

J. Schnieders & Th.

Recumbents with rear wheel

Joachim Franke

HPV Activities at a Secondary School
Centre in Bremen, Germany

Leonard M. Brunkalla

Hot Ideas need Cool Heads